One of the Organization Models avoiding bureaucracy, hierarchy, or Positional Power - Network of AdHoc groups

The term ‘adhocracy’ was coined by none other than Warren Bennis. He predicted agile project teams within a loose structure: ‘adhocracy’. The term was then popularised by Alvin Toffler in his massive best seller, ‘Future Shock’. in that book, he envisaged flat organisational structures, with rapidly forming and re-forming project teams. He called these organisations ‘kinetic‘. In fact, he took Bennis and Slater’s ideas, and popularised them. But it was Henry Mintzberg, that great analyst of management work, who took the idea and gave it rigour.

"Innovation Champions, Skunkworks, and Organization Learning" Yes, there are examples of organisations applying the principles of adhocracy systemically, but they are rather few. And anyway, many of them are branding this with a new label: ‘holacracy‘.

book by Robert Waterman ISBN:0393310841 from 1993

fiction: Metrozone Series, Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom

cf ARG, Daemon, HiveMind, RealWorldGame

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