Eat People

aka Free Radical-s by Andy Kessler ISBN:1591843774

Lots of anti-BigGov stuff.

But his real point is that it's best for you and society if you Change The World (create Progress) through a Huge Invention. He emphasizes that it has to Scale (e.g. eventually get used by millions if not billions - Critical Mass). End up as a BigCo.


  • Has to Scale (keep getting cheaper, get more widespread)
  • Waste abundant things to compensate for what's scarce - e.g. find the new Abundance and use lots of it.
  • Go Horizontal (breadth for wide usage, part of everyone's stack, vs vertical integration for narrow market)
  • Intelligence at the Edge - use lots of devices and humans (Crowd Sourcing).
  • Wealth comes from Productivity. (Even if it's more-efficient ''delivery'' of ''fun''.
  • Make technology adapt to humans - Personalization.
  • Eat People - eliminate their BullShit jobs (UnEmployment). Esp non-Creators - he has a ladder
  • Markets Make Better Decisions Than Managers (sounds like the Edge again)
  • Embrace Exceptionalism - be smart, work with super-smart people
  • Be a Market Entrepreneur and attack Political Entrepreneurs - Route Around the rules. Take advantage of them as sources of inefficiency and Route Around the attempts to protect them.
  • Use Zero Marginal Cost to create a Flood - scale again. Find goods where you have zero marginal cost but can price at value.
  • Create your own Scarcity with a Virtual Pipe. "Media is about control of a pipe." Create Lock-In (but don't over-exploit) ITunes, WoW. Create a closed system (Walled Garden Platform) that leverage the stack of open layers (Twitter). Personalization again.

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