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What is this ?

This is a kind of collaborative website, called a wiki. "Wiki wiki" means "quick" in hawaiian. You can edit any page on the spot, by clicking "Edit this page" or by using the "Add a comment" (Add A Comment) form.

Several simple conventions are followed to make writing and linking easier. Here is the main one: each page has a Wiki Name - a short descriptive name made up of one or more capitalized words run together. These are used to form automatic hyperlinks between pages.

How do I navigate ?

To return to the site's front page at any time, click the logo at top left.

To see a site map centered on the current page, click "contents" above.

To see a list of pages which link to this one, click the page title.

To jump to a page by name, or to search the site, enter text in the search field at top right and press enter. To find out more, see Jump Search.

To see a list of all pages in the site by modification date, visit RecentChanges.

More about editing

To add some text to any page, scroll to the bottom, enter some text into the "Add a comment" form and click the button. Sand Box is a good place to practice this.

Or, to make a more complex change, click the "Edit this page" link, edit the text and click the "Change.." button.

Text will be formatted for you automatically. To begin with, just remember to use a blank line when you want to start a new paragraph. When you are ready, learn more about the Text Formatting Rules.

NB: site admins can help undo any editing mistakes & recover old versions if needed.

How do I link and create new pages ?

To create a link to another wiki page, just write it's Wiki Name.

If the page does not yet exist, a ? will be displayed - click this when you are ready to create the new page. This is how pages are added to the site.

To link to a page on another site, just type the url. Or, you can use HTML. Also, Remote Wiki Links are a convenient notation for linking to pages on another site.

What if I make a mistake ?

If some good text gets lost by mistake, you might find it by backing up in your browser - copy and paste back it into the page. Otherwise, the site admin may be able to help undo the changes.

For more help..

There are some additional features not described here.. see also:

Zwiki, Zwiki:HelpPage, Zwiki:AdvancedEditOptions

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