IMACS runs After School programs in math (using Formal Logic) and Computer Science (using Scheme and Logo!) - but no location near me. (Even for Elementary School!)

also creator of the MEGSSS math course for Middle School TAG programs - actually this is what became IMACS when they decided teach math through Computer Programming

2017 - History: Burt Kaufman, my father, and two other co-founders of IMACS, Edward Martin and Iain Ferguson, taught from 1983-1993 in a Broward County Public Schools gifted math program for grades 6-12 known as Project MEGSSS... Our AP Computer Science A course is used by Florida Virtual School... We serve over 4,500 students across the US and in more than 15 countries around the world

over the next year, IMACS will complete the final courses of Elements of Mathematics: Foundations (EMF), which is our online math program designed for talented students in grades 6-8. EMF covers all of pre-algebra through precalculus, plus several university-level topics. For the third year running, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) selected EMF as full-time curriculum for its top middle school math students. The amazing thing about the Broward program is that the students are not being taught by a classroom teacher. EMF is a self-study program; the kids who just finished 7th grade taught themselves college-level abstract algebra using EMF, and they're only about 12 years old!

  • 2018: NumberThree is using this for her 6th grade math. The teacher mostly walks around helping people having specific problems. 80% of kids/families hate it - I'm not sure that's the teacher's fault, or the program's.

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