Private Wiki

a Wiki run to be written-to and read-by a single individual. See WikiTypes. As of 2020, also referring to this as an Inner Garden.

a NoteBook - aka Private Wiki Notebook

A person might have both a Private Wiki and a PersonalWiki/WikiLog (Multiple Thinking Spaces; Tending Your Inner And Outer Digital Gardens), and pages might float between them. Actually, if I start a page in my PrivateWiki, then decide to make it public, I generally

  • cut/paste to public page (assuming want the same name)
  • leave the private page for private notes associated with the idea - sometimes I leave the whole copy of the public page, and insert private notes above it, other times I leave only the private notes
  • have TwinPages linking from private to public

some WikiEngines tuned for this

Or maybe consider a Desktop Wiki

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