The opposite, in nature, to BigCo.

Could apply to a Small Team within a BigCo, if they don't have to follow centrally controlled IS rules.

Starts out as a StartUp?

cd MicroIsv/MicroSaaS, TwoPizzaCompany...

##Notes from 2001 (before GoogleApps)

I think there's a business in provided outsourced server infrastructure for a SmallCo.

They'd still need someone to set up their physical networking (though WiFi may be making that less of an issue - you still need to set that up, but you don't have to worry about wire pulling), and connectivity to the outside Net. And they'd still need a way to deal with desktop support functions, but that can often be turfed to a smart high school kid.

But I think there's big value in not having to worry about maintenance of

Some onsite secretary could handle setting up new accounts for new employees.

You could probably put one LinuxOS box (like a Cobalt Qube, now Sun Cobalt) onsite for basic network support, then run everything else from a remote hosting service like RackSpace.

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