Virtual State

Government (City State, Nation-State) whose Citizen-s aren't necessarily physically colocated.

aka Cloud Country

NicoleMatos: I would pay--I would pay out the teeth, to be honest with you--to join a new,virtual nation that 1. actually matched my personal affinities, needs, and values and 2. offered services that met traditional nation-state functions, but that 3. was designed by intelligent 21st century people, and not by 18th century yellow fever-infected drunkards.

The Rise of the Virtual State: Wealth and Power in the Coming Century, By Richard Rosecrance (2000) ISBN:0465071422 Developing countries, which still produce goods derived from land, continue to covet territory. But where the products of land no longer determine market and power relationships, a new form of state is being born: the virtual nation, a nation based on mobile capital, labor, and information. The virtual state is a political unit that has downsized its territorially based production capability and is the logical consequence of emancipation from land. Virtual states and their associates would rather plumb the world market than acquire territory.

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