Smashed Together Words

You Link As You Think by turning each key phrase into Smashed Together Words (eliminate punctuation, capitalize each component word), if your WikiEngine supports Automatic Linking. (key page: Automatic Linking)

aka Camel Case model for creating a WikiWord.

But there are plenty of edge-cases requiring examination - see Wiki Name Examples.

Even in non-WiKi writing spaces, or in a WikiEngine that does Free Link, there's value in using Smashed Together Words in Naming Things (e.g. key pages/forms, apps, etc.)

  • Why?
    • Searching for a name gets exact matches without worrying doing exact-phrase-search (which some tools might not even support)
    • Psychologically you and everyone else are more likely to converge on the "right" name to refer to something when it has a Smashed Together Words-name.
  • Where?

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