Wiki Name Examples

There's the standard Wiki Name rule, but there are lots of annoying cases which make me crazy. (Please don't generate new pages by clicking on brackets!) The goals of this page are:

  • document/resolve issues

  • improve my memory of the resolution, so I can make new Wiki Names consistently.

See Meatball Wiki:LinkPattern

Single-word names: Python vs Python vs Wiki Wiki Web:PythonLanguage.

Single vs plural version of same word: Wiki Name vs Wiki Names

  • some wikis try and catch these with code, so Wiki Names ends up linking to Wiki Name.

    • but what about exceptions: singular words/names that still end with 's'
  • there are also various social conventions used for manually handling situations on engines that don't use code.

    • I choose to use a "-s" to separate the plural "s" from the root WikiWord.

Acronyms (e.g. PDA). Not possible in classic wiki. But this wiki supports all-caps words that have at least 3 letters. (Actually, since May'03 even 2-letter acronyms are OK.)

Phrases including word "A". In classic wiki a Wiki Name can't have 2 consecutive caps, so the singletter word 'A' gets stuck in lower case as in Life Isa Pain. I prefer Life Is A Pain. At least for now.

Proper names that are ambiguous

Phrases with articles ("the", "a") as initial word. Drop them. Likewise for book titles, etc., although I've made exceptions when it seems like a key part of the brand, e.g. The Brain.

Phrases containing numbers. Some WikiEngines support names ending with a series of numerals, others allow digits anywhere within a name. This engine supports them anywhere (except the first character) - P2P.

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