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Zwiki was inspired by the original Wiki Wiki Web and runs on the zope web application server (see ZopeDotOrg).

Developed by Simon Michael.


Old class diagram: Zwiki:ImplementationClassDiagram

Lots of page types: Zwiki:QuickReference, Zwiki:AllAboutPageTypes

Here's my log of activities in upgrading Zwiki to a new version (while upgrading Zope). (This was for a company Intranet.) (Sept'01)

We have some bugs in Zwiki right now. Some are rendering of Regular Expression-s. But the biggest problem is that RecentChanges doesn't work since we turned on authentication. This is related to having old code.

Was considering jumping to CMF and C M F Wiki, but that's smelling dangerous. So trying straight Zwiki upgrade (while also upgrading Zope to 2.4.x, so that we're current and ready for CMF...

A bit concerned about how to migrate content, so posted question at bottom of

Did basic install

  • did it on my machine

  • additional confusion in my mind as to whether I need to do separate import of ZwikiWebs.zexp. Posted question about that as well.

  • dotorg-format Zwiki Web doesn't work, so posted message at

Simon recommended I just install new code right over the current Zope and content (after backing up). Said he hadn't tested with Zope2.4.

What the heck... I installed old Zwiki on my local Zope2.4, then imported copy of Zwiki content. It works. (Including RecentChanges! At least once I tweaked the permissions on that page...)

Installed Zwiki 0.9.5 code, and old pages still work. And can make new ZwikiWeb in dotorg style. Excellent. Will try this process on live server next week.

But still have problems with alpha names for aname sections. Maybe I should install the vanilla Structured Text object here, and test that... But whoa, the Structured TextRules page on the Zwiki site doesn't even note those features! Now I'm really confused.

  • In the [old system]( TextRules) square brackets did that job. But [now]( Formatting Rules) (which is where I posted a question about this) square brackets seem to be used for Wiki Name creation. ?????

Ugh, never mind. Thought 0.9.5 code worked, but it did only for viewing. Can't edit. Going to start over and test more carefully.

  • purged product and its code, deleted zope folders.

  • re-installed 0.6.1 zwiki code (unzipped, copied .zexp into import folder, restarted server; imported zwiki.zexp to get zwiki_examples folder)

  • import our wiki content; note that it blows away modification_time and history. Also note doesn't seem to matter whether I take over ownership during import (though I don't understand much about those issues). Change security settings for folder to give 'staffer' Access, View, Add Zwiki, Change Zwiki. Try to view Front Page; damn, getting that rejection from title_prefix. This is why I'm supposed to log this stuff, I always forget the little tricks I've done in the past...

  • to simplify: make a new folder secure_test, turn off anonymous rights and turn on 'staffer' rights. Can't view index_html! Go back and turn on rights for 'Authenticated', and now it works!

  • turn on 'Authenticated' rights for zwiki folder, but still getting rejected by title_prefix!

  • grasping at straws, add rights for 'search zcatalog' (which I think may become relevant for RecentChanges). But doesn't make viewing of Front Page work.

  • try to access title_prefix directly. That works fine.

  • per < Problems Archive,> gave Anonymous the Access rights on the zwiki folder. No difference.

  • hmmm, let's review that import/ownership setting more carefully.

  • delete zwiki folder, reimport with 'take ownership' checked. Turn on rights just for 'View' for 'staffer'. That was it!

  • now turn on others for 'staffer': Access (leave on for anonymous), Add Wiki, Change Wiki. I can make changes. But I can't do RecentChanges. I can search.

  • add rights for 'Search zcatalog', but it doesn't help, so turn it off. Select RecentChanges object, note it doesn't come set to acquire permissions, to add Access/View rights for 'staffer'. Now it works!

  • add new Wiki Name to a page, follow link to make page, edit it so there's something there. All work! Next step, install the upgraded code again.

Upgrade to zwiki 0.9.5pre1.

  • unzip, overwrite files (didn't delete old code first). Don't do any new importing. Restart server.

  • Viewing pages works fine. RecentChanges work fine. Search works fine.

  • editing does not work! 'Object is not callable'

  • hmm, could it be a migration issue? Make a new wikiweb, tweak the rights. Now I can edit a page, make new page, etc.

  • maybe it's related to that "delete your DTML methods" message associated with crossing the 0.7 upgrade divide? Simon recommends copying my old zwiki content pages into a new empty zwiki.

    • but I seem to lose parent info when I try that. Maybe it's because I did a subset of pages. But it was inconsistent (the first time, some pages had parent info, and others didn't).

    • also, just noticed the 'structured' subfolder of the new empty wiki. Should the content go down in there?

    • instead, I copied the methods from the subfolder up a level (after deleting the original ones). That didn't seem to help.

    • try copying all pages from old wiki to new wiki at one time

    • or try copying some (or all) into subfolder

      • tried copying just some. View a page which should have a parent. It didn't show one. Clicked the BackLinks, and it showed the parent page, with the 'parent' checkbox turn on! Went to the mgmt interface and viewed the child properties, and 'parents' was empty. Viewed the child page again, still didn't show parent. Went to BackLinks page, and now it shows the parent page, but the 'parent' checkbox is turned off!

Hmm, maybe permissions could be an issue? Start over

  • create new wiki web (folder). Oh weird, now there's no 'structured' subfolder!

  • give lots of rights to 'staffer' (just noticed some new ones, like 'Reparent' and 'Send to Recycle Bin', etc.).

  • select all old pages (except "standard" pages like Help Page and RecentChanges), copy, then paste. Oops, too many objects for browser, paste fails. So can't do them all at one time.

  • hmm, maybe the problems comes up when you view a page when its full ancestry isn't there yet. So OK to copy in pieces as long as I don't view any until done? Yes, that did it!

What's left to test?

  • read pages: OK

  • edit page: OK

  • new page: write Wiki Name, follow, edit, save: OK

  • RecentChanges, search: OK

  • check BackLinks, reparent: OK

  • do an append to a page: OK

Known/outstanding issues: ????

  • can't set User Options: Simon says this appears to be a zope2.4 issue (Standard Text N G), which I confirmed via lists. So it will hopefully get fixed soon; or I may try a hack someone submitted.

  • in-page section names and hrefs a cancelled feature? (square brackets) (see above)

Try new approach to fixing "object not callable" problem: import legacy content, then dump DTML pages, and copy in new versions from fresh wiki web.

  • rename zwiki folder to zwiki1

  • reimport zwiki content

  • set rights: confirm can read, search, but not edit

  • delete RecentChanges, Jump Search, etc. plus all DTML methods

  • copy all objects (except Front Page) from raw new zwiki. Can now edit!

  • (still can't set User Options)

Rolled out on live (Axiom) server with even shorter process

  • exported content; turned off old server, renamed folder

  • installed zope2.4.1

  • added users/rights

  • installed zwiki product; created new zwikiweb to confirm working

  • imported content; set rights

  • deleted old core pages (e.g. Help Page); renamed old DTML pages

  • copied core/DTML documents from zwikitest

  • test, looks fine so far.

Also set up this fresh Zwiki for person use. For that, see Zwiki Customizations.

Hi Bill:

Which of the permissions are implicated by search and recentchanges such that they will not work without authentication.


fdgsdgsdg --2003/06/18 18:09 GMT
sdg sg dgsdg

Excuse --2003/06/18 18:35 GMT
the above thing was a test, and it worked. cool, excuse for the work of uncommenting... charles.

Need HELP --2003/07/16 08:08 GMT
sometime ago I could access a wiki hosted in ZOPE to test what a wiki was. I would like to go back there and try new things but I can't find the page, anybody knows what I'm talking about..?

annoying bug --BillSeitz, 2003/10/16 19:27 GMT
related to viewing/copying history: Zwiki:IssueNo0208

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