turn all electronic communications into a Stupid Network-based Internet (Always On Network) (more)

When something is overdone, typically because of weird incentives.

iatrogenic, baby - Product Quality (more)

Venkatesh Rao on his Iron Man-inspired Schlep Asset Puzzle Insight Package Aesthetic (SAPIPA) FrameWork: Understanding the interaction of these 3+3 input and output elements can make a big difference to how you attack complex problems (Problem Solving, Grand Challenge)... Complex problems contain three sub-problems: schlep, puzzle and package... When you solve complex problems right, you are left with three corresponding intangible things of value: an asset, an insight and an aesthetic, which make the solutions both durable and generative (the solutions gradually and intelligently expand to occupy bigger problem spaces, realizing the potential of the original specific solution)... My definition of a good solution to a complex problem is one that solves the immediate problem, is built to last and generates more potential than it uses. The more I think about complex problems, the more I get convinced that the built to last part is critical. Almost all failures are caused by not aiming for durability... Good solutions have three parts, an asset that is the fruit of the Schlep Work, an insight that is at the heart of how the puzzle is solved (which, in the best cases, will apply to a bigger class of similar puzzles that can be solved with sufficient imagination), and an aesthetic that determines how the solution is put together into a package. (more)

android app for connecting devices (mac to android, android-to-android, etc.)

Taylor Pearson on How Entrepreneurs Figure Out What They Want: Effectual Reasoning (which he later re-framed as Effective Entrepreneur) (more)

Federated OpenMicroBlogging/OStatus app/network. (more)

A piece of content/experience that tends to nudge one toward a subversive (non-status-quo) mindset. https://twitter.com/BillSeitz/status/1423311248276561934 (more)

Is there any fiction today that is also heroic (hero's journey in service of the Transcendentals, not swords) and instructional? Triangulating among (more)

Ray Kurzweil novel: Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine ISBN:1614756392 https://www.danielleworld.com/ (more)

2nd-biggest player in a market - who I often choose to buy from: Android, ebooks from GooglePlay, music (CDs, then mp3s, then streaming music) from Amazon..... (more)

Google's app-store and content-selling-app - Google Books, etc.

Music streaming service from Amazon. What I like about it (more)

Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base (PKM?) that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files. https://obsidian.md/ (Note-taking app) (more)

Restaurant ordering/delivery service/network https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grubhub (more)

Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) is a family of psychological research methods for uncovering and representing what people know and how they think. CTA extends traditional task analysis to tap into the mental processes that underlie observable behavior, and reveal the cognitive skills and strategies needed to effectively tackle challenging situations. https://www.globalcognition.org/cognitive-task-analysis/ cf tacit knowledge

A blipvert is a very brief television advertisement, lasting one second.[1] The word is a portmanteau of blip, a brief sound, and advertisement.[2] The term and concept were used in the 1985 film Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future and in Blipverts, the first episode of the 1987 science fiction television show Max Headroom. In the film and TV show, "blipverts" were new high-speed, concentrated, high-intensity television commercials lasting about three seconds. Their purpose was to prevent the channel-switching that may occur during standard-length commercials.[3] They were invented as a MacGuffin to drive the plot. Alas, they caused some viewers' head to explode. (more)


Email Service Provider - company that you send email through for improved deliverability (more)


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